Cave diving with Aquatech at Villas DeRosa

List of Cavern & Cave Dive Sites

Chac Mol
Dos Ojos East & West
Gran Cenote
Taj Mahal
Temple of Doom
Chikin Ha
Temple of Doom
The Pit (Deep)*
Angelita (Deep & Risky)*

*Advance Divers only

Cenote Ponderosa

Maximum depth: 55 feet. Average: 27 feet. Visibility: 300 feet+ Water Temperature: 77 degrees F - Freshwater. 79 degrees F - Saltwater. Access: Very easy. Steps leads down to cement platform from parking area. This cavern dive is a 100 meter traverse from the Cenote PonDeRosa to the Cenote Corral. This passageway is 15 - 20 feet from floor to ceiling and eighty feet wide. Some speleothem decorations, a variety of five different freshwater tropical fish and an excellent display of geological and fossilized history. Located on private property with "sign-in" required. Excellent snorkeling. First divers to explore this cenote were Tony and Nancy DeRosa and Steve Gerrard during June, 1990.


Cenote Taj Mahal
Maximum depth: 48 feet. Average: 23 feet. Visibility: 300 feet+. Water Temperature: 77 degrees F. 79 degrees F. Access: Very easy. Cement walkway and platform from parking area to the water. The dive involves a 200 foot traverse from the Cenote Taj Mahal to the Cenote Sugarbowl including a very beautiful room with huge airspace involving three holes allowing beams of daylight to penetrate the cavern area. Located on private property requiring "sign-in" with Mayan owners. First explored by Nancy DeRosa, Wayne Nefzger, Tony DeRosa and Steve Gerrard during spring of 1995.

Cenote Carwash
Maximum depth: 52 feet. Average: 29 feet. Visibility: 300 feet +. Water Temperature: 77 degrees F. Completely freshwater. Access: Very easy with wooden platform and steps. First dived during the early 1980's, his was the "original" cenote dive for the Akumal - Tulum area. Very wide entrance area over 150 feet with an assortment of tree limbs and branches. This "cavern zone" tapers to a shallower loft area turning into a cave dive. Warning signs installed to stop divers from going beyond unless cave certified. Spectacular exit view. During the warmer months a 5 foot layer of algae exists at the water surface. No permanent guidelines thus requiring a reel and line. Good snorkeling during winter months.Property owned by the Ejido Tulum with a nominal dive site fee charged.  

Cenotes Dos Ojos

Maximum depth: 26 feet. Visibility: 300 feet+ ... Water Temperature: 77 degrees F. Freshwater completely. Access: Located on the Ejido Jacinto Pat property. Dive site fee is $10.00. 125 meter hike from parking area to the water. Considered the best of all cenotes. These two giant collapses offer a huge passageway traversing 250 feet from Dos Ojos East to Dos Ojos West. Highly decorated with immense columns, stalactites and stalagmites.

Cave Diving Sites

Nombre de la Cueva

Lengua Traducción al Ingles
Cueva Aak Kimin Maya ...dead turtle cave.
Sistema Abejas Español ...bee system.
Sistema Abejas Negras Español bee system.
Sistema Actun Chen Maya ...cave of the well system.
Sistema Actun Hu Maya ...iguana cave system.
Sistema Actun Koh Maya ...puma cave system.
Cenote Ak Tulum Maya ...turtle of Tulum cenote.
Sistema Aktun Sataal Maya ...lost cave system.
Sistema Altar Maya Español ...Maya Altar system.
Cenote Avicola Español ...chicken ranch cenote.
Sistema Ayim Maya ...crocodile system.
Sistema Baab Zotz Maya ...swimming bats system.
Cenote Balche Maya ...honey liquor cenote.
Entrada Caapechen Maya ...two well entrance.
Entrada Camarón Español ...shrimp entrance.
Sistema Chac Luum Maya earth system.
Sistema Chac-Mol Maya system.
Cenote Chan Ayim Maya ...little crocodile cenote.
Cenote Chan-hol Maya ...little hole cenote.
Cenote Chi chan K'uk'um Maya ...little feather cenote.
Chu muk ch' o' Maya half rat.
Chuup Ich Maya ...swollen eye.
Cenote Cocodrilo Español ...crocodile cenote.
Cenote Dos Ayim Español (Maya) ...two crocodile cenote.
Sistema Dos Ojos Español ...two eyes system.
Sistema Dos Pisos (Ka'p'el Nah) Español (Maya) ...two floors cave system.
Dzonot Maya ...cenote.
Cenote Eb Maya ...(stair) step cenote.
Sistema Ek Be Maya road system.
Cenote Hatzutz Actun Maya ...beautiful cave cenote.
Cenote Herradura Español ...horseshoe ("shaped") cenote.
Cenote Ich Kin Maya ...sun face cenote.
Cenote Ich Tun Maya ...stone face cenote.
Sistema Ich Tunich Maya ...eye of the stone (face) system.
Cenote Ka'as Maya ...ugly cenote.
Cenote Kan'pe Box Kin Maya ...four black suns cenote.
Sistema K'oox baal Maya ...wild thing system.
Cenote K'oxul Maya ...mosquito cenote.
Laguna Lagarto Español ...crocodile lagoon.
Sistema Mundo Escondido Español ...hidden world system.
Sistema Nachan Ha Maya ...far (distant) water.
Sistema Naranjal Español grove system.
Nohoch Ha Maya ...big water.
Sistema Nohoch Kai Maya ...big fish system.
Sistema Nohoch Kiin (Kin) Maya ...big sun system.
Sistema Nohoch Nah Chich Maya ...big bird house system.
Nuh(k)uch Actun Maya ...many big caves.
Sistema Ox Bel Ha Maya ...three paths of water system.
Cenote Ox Pal Maya ...three children cenote.
Entrada Oxpechen Maya ...three well entrance.
Entrada Oxpechen Two Maya ...second, three well entrance.
Sistema PonDeRosa Ingles ...Pond and DeRosa for the explorers
Cenote Por One Español (Ingles) ...a cenote named after the present landowner.
Cueva Quebrada Español ...broken, or convoluted cave.
Sistema Sac Actun Maya ...white cave system.
Sistema Sac Be Ha Maya ...white road (of the) water system
Sistema Sapo Español ...toad system.
Cenote Shagadelic Ingles (slang) ...need I say more?...
Cenote Sinaan Maya ...scorpion cenote.
Cenote So'sook Maya ...tangled cenote.
Tatich Maya ...headman, chief.
Sistema Tak Be Luum Maya ...about (to enter) the way of mud system.
Cenote Tam Chac Ha Maya ...deep red water.
Sistema Toh Ha Maya ...Motmot (Eumomota sp.) water system.
Sistema Taj Mahal Indian ...From the beautiful columns.
Dzonot Took Maya ...burn(ed) jungle cenote.
Dzonot Tu Ha Maya ...smelly water cenote.
Cenote Vaca-Ha Español (Maya) ...cow water cenote.
Sistema Xibalba Maya ...Maya underworld system.
Sistema X'tabay Maya ...evil forest spirit system.
Sistema Yax Muul Maya (or green) hills system.
Sistema Yaxchen Maya (or green) well system.
Sistema Muul Ha Maya ...hill(y) water system.
Cenote Zapote Maya ...chicle tree cenote.