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Riviera Maya : Winter Getaway

As the season starts getting cooler, sooner or later winter will start knocking on your door. No more shorts or sandals to go outside, just heavy coats and layers of clothing. As we wait for that cold season, we can start planning for a warm winter getaway.

For those individuals that enjoy outdoor activities during winter time, Riviera Maya Mexico resorts will be the ideal place for you. If you are thinking about spending a week or so somewhere during the cold season just to relax with your family or special one, the Riviera Maya will give you warmth that you might need.

The Riviera Maya is located in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The region is composed of several tourist towns like Playa del Carmen, historical Tulum, Akumal, Mahajual, and other small and quiet tourist towns.

What makes this area an ideal place for a winter getaway is the warm weather and of course the white sand beaches and the blue-green Caribbean water. The laid back atmosphere and its wonderful history and culture help make the Riviera Maya your perfect place. You can visit and see Mayan ruins like temples and pyramids and learn more about their history and culture.

The better Riviera Maya hotels are equipped with amazing amenities and can provide you fun and exciting activities that your whole family can enjoy. Akumal beach resorts, which are just an hour's drive from Cancun, have the best diving and snorkeling spots. If you are thinking about how to spend your winter season away from cold and thick clothes, maybe you might need to check out and visit the Riviera Maya.

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